The Biblical Challenge from (and for) Millennials

The Biblical Challenge from (and for) Millennials
Author: Lamar Vest (President and CEO, American Bible Society)
Publisher: The Huffington Post (11 May 2010)

“The Bible has yet to beat the perception of being a dusty old rule book among millennials largely because to substantiate relevance and garner interest, the text first must be read… The message of the Bible is unchanging, but how we deliver that message not only can change, but must.”

Lamar Vest discusses some of the strategies the American Bible Society is using to encourage the millennial generation to engage with the Scriptures, including creative delivery methods and “new tools that put the user in the driver’s seat of their Bible experience”.

It is our job not only to create the tools we think they need but to make a case for why they should even care that these tools exist. Millennials want to be heard and understood. They demand a role in shaping when and how they give and receive information, using it to place their thumbprint on the world.

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