The Drama of Scripture
Finding our place in the biblical story
Author: Craig Bartholomew, Michael Goheen
Publisher: Baker Academic (2014)

Many of us have read the Bible as if it was merely a mosaic of little bits – theological bits, moral bits, historical-critical bits, sermon bits, devotional bits, narrative bits. But to read the Bible in such a fragmented way is to ignore its divine author’s intention to shape our lives through its story.

This book takes readers through the big story of Scripture in six acts:

  Act 1: God establishes his kingdom – Creation
  Act 2: Rebellion in the kingdom – Fall
  Act 3: The King chooses Israel – Redemption initiated
  Act 4: The Coming of the King – Redemption accomplished
  Act 5: Spreading the news of the King – The mission of the Church
  Act 6: The Return of the King – Redemption completed

The book provides an introduction to the Bible and a commentary on important passages, while helping the reader relate their story to the Bible story at each point.

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