EthnoArts Podcast
Sparking Creativity: The EthnoArts Podcast

Join us to hear stories about EthnoArts, a growing movement in cross-cultural Christian ministry and development work around the globe. Whether through expressions such as music, dance, visual arts and more, we explore principles at play when communities incorporate their cultural art forms to better themselves, address needs and reach their goals.

EthnoArts is a unique domain of ministry and an integral part of Scripture Engagement. Sparking Creativity: The EthnoArts Podcast shares EthnoArts impact stories from around the globe. Through stories and interviews, the podcast team highlights the many ways that EthnoArts work benefits a plethora of ministry domains by incorporating special forms of artistic communication. The hope is to inspire and encourage others to consider the creative ways God has uniquely equipped communities to connect with Him, engage with Scripture, and improve their circumstances through local artistic forms of communication.

We all desire to communicate Scripture in clear, natural, and meaningful ways and to see communities engaging with and being transformed by God’s Word.

Listen at as well as other podcast platforms. If you have questions or want to learn more about the ways EthnoArts can serve you in your work, please contact

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