A Women's Audio Bible

her.BIBLE is an audio Bible read by an ethnically diverse group of women who want you to connect with God in the deepest places of your heart and experience new life in Jesus Christ.

The vision of her.BIBLE, published by Cru, is to provide an audio Bible in women’s voices to help women grow in their faith, to connect with people’s preferred learning style, relate to a sister’s reading and know their voices matter in God’s kingdom.

her.BIBLE wants to take down barriers to hearing God’s word. Plank by plank, brick by brick. her.BIBLE is for those who cannot read and those who aren’t allowed to read, for the abused and the forgotten, the trafficked and the lost, the commuters and the unemployed, the busy and the broken, the sisters and the daughters. her.BIBLE is for you. Heartfully immersed in a loving Father’s words.

her.BIBLE is available as Android and iOS apps.

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