Digital Strategy Guides
Publisher: SIL International (2021)

Here are eight guides to help as you plan digital Scripture engagement strategy:

  1. Audience Questions
  2. Digital Strategy in Partnership
  3. Design Questions
  4. Distribution Options
  5. Digital Promotion
  6. Digital Scripture Engagement Pathways
  7. Monitoring, Evaluation and Analytics
  8. Training Pathways

You don’t need to look at every question in every guide, or provide specific answers to them. You can focus on the areas that are most relevant. The questions are intended to guide your conversations, and to help you decide on the goals that should be included in the plan. When you have decided on the main goals, you can work with a specialist on the details.

The Guides are available for download in English and French.

Resources to download:

Digital Strategy Guides (English)
Guides de stratégie numérique (français)

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