The Worldwide Directory of Bibles in every Language

Find-A-Bible is built to increase the Bible’s accessibility and aims to facilitate access to God’s Word in the languages of the world.

It is a collaborative project of the Forum of Bible Agencies International (FOBAI), designed and maintained by the Digital Bible Society (DBS).

For over 20 years, people have been searching for hard-to-find Bibles on the internet. They often stumble upon the Forum of Bible Agencies International (FOBAI) website and ask for help. Find-A-Bible is inteded to address this growing need. Members share data on available Bibles while FOBAI launched a data-driven website in 2006.

The past decades have marked unprecedented growth in the Bible cause. Scripture is being translated into new languages at record pace, audio Bibles and Gospel films are multiplying in ways never imagined, and the world continues to search for Bible resources in their own languages.

In 2013, FOBAI commissioned a rebuild of Find-A-Bible to the Digital Bible Society. With a grant from BibleLeague of Canada, Find-A-Bible continues to grow. Data has increased 800%. Several completely new data-driven versions have been created. Country and language data is expanding to include missional distribution and translation data.

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