Freedom Ascent
Freedom Ascent – Addiction Recovery
Begin your journey out of addiction

Alcohol, drugs, pornography, and many forms of abuse are devastating worldwide problems. These, along with other seductive beliefs and behaviors, have been wrecking havoc on individuals, families, entire communities, and even churches. The good news is that there is an amazing process of recovery which begins where we are at in our deepest needs and greatest defeats, and that enables us to grow into a whole new way of healthy living.

Freedom Ascent is…

  • an addiction recovery support community;
  • a powerful Scripture-focused approach to healing and freedom from the root causes of vulnerabilities to substance abuse;
  • a highly interactive, participatory experience for healing and strength;
  • a practitioner-oriented training program for leaders who want to equip others;
  • a personal journey of going deeper with God.

Freedom Ascent facilitator training is available from Storyweavers Global as a locally sustainable, oral-learner implementation of Scripture engagement. It enables participants to find freedom from substance abuse. For more information and resources, please visit the Freedom Ascent website.

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