The Life of Jesus Mafa
A set of African illustrations of the Gospel

Vie de Jesus Mafa (Life of Jesus Mafa) was an initiative undertaken in the 1970s to help teach the gospel in Northern Cameroon. French Catholic missionary François Vidil worked with Mafa Christian communities in Cameroon to create an enormous catalogue of paintings depicting the life of Jesus as an African man. The plan was to build a resource that would help Mafa people to teach from the Bible in a way that connects with their community.

‘The Life of Jesus Mafa’ is a set of 63 pictures from the life and teaching of Jesus, viewed by the artist as if the events had taken place in a village in Cameroon.

Millions of these images have been printed and distributed around the world since their creation in the 1970s. They are archived on the website of Vanderbilt University.

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