The One Minute Bible Study

The One Minute Bible Study
Especially for men who need to rediscover their love of God's word
Author: Archie Poulos
Publisher: The Briefing, Issue 273 (June 2001)

Our experience with this approach has been uniformly positive. Men who had neglected their Bibles for years found that this was an achievable goal, and rekindled not only the passion of Bible reading (some never lost it), but also the habit of Bible reading. Like all training and study, Bible reading needs habits. We also found that men who were never willing to lead a ‘Bible Study’ were happy to do their one minute spot.

This article describes the “One Minute Bible Study” – a simple idea that a small group of men can use together.

Before the group meets each time, every group member picks a Bible verse that has been helpful to them. When they get together, they go round the group, each one explaining the verse from their Bible reading. They need to be willing to speak for just one minute about that verse.

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