Six Steps to Reading Your Bible
Training for small groups with DVD and workbook
Author: Tony Payne, Simon Roberts
Publisher: Matthias Media
Whatever your current Bible reading habits (or lack of them), and whatever your level of knowledge and confidence, Six Steps to Reading Your Bible will help you make progress in getting into your Bible. The course is especially designed for use in small groups, and utilizes a mix of video instruction, fun skits, Bible study, discussion, practical exercises, prayer and home assignments that will help you on the road to establishing a new and more enjoyable Bible reading habit.
The aim of this course is that people will:
  • become familiar with the basic shape and nature of the Bible
  • be motivated to read the Bible for themselves
  • learn how to apply basic reading skills to the Bible
  • learn how to apply a Bible passage to their lives
  • understand how the whole message of the Bible hangs together and centres on Jesus
  • benefit from the encouragement and experience of others, as they work together in learning to read the Bible
  • be well on the way to establishing a new habit of regular Bible reading.
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