Bible Reading Start-up Guide
Practical help for enjoying God’s Word every day
Author: Whitney Kuniholm
Publisher: Scripture Union/USA

Too often, we take a purely intellectual approach to the Bible. We think that studying more and more will somehow make God’s Word come alive. Of course, it’s valuable to gain Bible knowledge and to learn biblical truth. But the most exciting thing about reading the Bible is that by doing so we can gain a deeper relationship with the Person behind it. I call it “relational Bible reading” and I believe it’s the active ingredient in a healthy devotional life.

The goal of this inspiring booklet is “to provide the practical help you need to begin enjoying God’s Word every day, whether you’re new to the Bible or have been reading it for years.”

The author, who was President of Scripture Union/USA, gives practical tips for regular Bible reading, shares personal experiences and motivates the reader to engage with Scripture. He explains the Scripture Union Bible reading method – Pray-Read-Reflect-Apply-Pray – and lists seven habits of effective Bible readers.

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