The Story of God's Promise for All People
Publisher: Mars Hill Productions

Created in co-operation with motion picture producers and distributors around the world, The HOPE is an 80 minute dramatic presentation of God’s epic story of redemption as revealed in the Bible.

Since the release of The HOPE, various mission organizations around the world have partnered to create numerous translations and cultural adaptations of The HOPE.

There are two types of translation:

  • Storyteller Version of The HOPE – Storytellers provide the commentary and continuity necessary to weave together the Biblical content. At times, these storytellers appear on screen along with the images of the story they are relating. In other sections they are absent from the screen, allowing the dramatic scenes to move the story forward. Because The HOPE has been digitally mastered, storytellers can easily be replaced. Thus The HOPE can be adapted for a people group in the mountains of Papua New Guinea or for youth in inner city America.
  • Voice-Over Narration Versions of The HOPE – For a variety of reasons, some of ministry partners choose not to use on-screen storytellers in the creation of a new language version of The HOPE. In these cases voice-over narrators provide the commentary for the live action dramatic scenes in The HOPE.

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