Connect to God in the small spaces of your day
Publisher: Scripture Union South Africa

WordSpace broadcasts short Bible-centred messages to thousands of young people every day, via WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, email and the WordSpace app.

“WordSpace is a way to help you encounter God in the spaces of each busy day. We have a really cool team of writers who know what it’s like to be a young person trying to figure out life with God. Our posts take less than 45 seconds to read. Besides being short, we write them to be as real, relevant and Biblical as we can.”

The messages, delivered every morning, are written in a variety of styles and include links to Bible passages. Members of a youth group can be encouraged to subscribe to the WordSpace, so that they are all reading the same daily messages, stimulating discussion via social media and when they meet together.

WordSpace is a ministry of Scripture Union South Africa. The technical infrastructure used to send out the daily messages could be used in other contexts around the world.

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