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Comment enregistrer à l’ordinateur

Un manuel d’utilisation pour l’éditeur audio numérique Audacity
Fina Linan, Richard Margetts (2014)
This is the updated and expanded 2014 French version of How to do recording on your computer, an in-depth beginner's manual for recording with Audacity. Scripture engagement practitioners across the Francophone world are using Audacity to record Scripture portions, Bible…
March 19, 2014

How to do Recording on your Computer

A Beginner's Guide to Audacity (Third Edition)
Richard Margetts (2012)
Updated for Audacity 2.0 (July 2012). Are you looking to record audio Scripture, radio programmes, Scripture-based songs, Bible study discussions or publicity for Scripture products? One of the most popular programs for recording audio on your computer is Audacity. It…
July 31, 2012