Audibible - Scripture Engagement


Which Audio Player?

Listening to the translated Scriptures: a review of today’s digital audio players
Richard Margetts (2019)
Fourth Edition - Revised for 2019 It is not hard to convince those involved in Scripture access and Scripture engagement of the value of listening to audio Scriptures. We want to assist communities in making strategic choices about how best…
November 5, 2019

Audibible K1

From Kivah Distributors
The Audibible K1 is a solar powered, rechargeable, hand-held audio player in a robust package about the size of a mobile phone, capable of playing back thousands of hours of high quality audio content. It’s easy to use, and visually…
October 1, 2019

Audibible Discipleship in Tongwa, Zambia

This video from Zambia shows how a digital audio player, the solar-powered Audibible, can be used to facilitate Scripture engagement in group settings. Here are some of the points made by the group leader: Hearing God's Word is more important…
November 8, 2013