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The Bible According to Gen Z

Help Your Young People Enjoy Life with the Bible
Adrian Blenkinsop (2013)
"The Bible According to Gen Z" is a collection of essays from Australia on encouraging Bible engagement among young people. It includes research results and analysis, together with responses from youth leaders and case studies. Here are some selected quotes:…
September 28, 2016
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Viral Good News

Letting go of our most valuable resources
Roy Meredith (Logosdor, Australia) (2009)
"Those under 20 are ‘digital natives’ — fearless and proficient in manipulating the media with understanding of it structure and potential. It is these young people we must harness to help Christians be salt and light on the internet social…
April 9, 2011
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What’s the Bible got to do with me?

Shaping the thinking of teens outside the church
David Benson (2009)
"Most of our Scripture Engagement tools are geared toward teens who are relatively open to the Scriptures though perhaps struggle to see the relevance. But what about the antagonistic atheists and seculars who favour naturalistic science over the implausible supernatural;…
December 4, 2010
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The Tools You Use and the ‘Tude You Bring

A framework for approaching youth Scripture Engagement
Naomi Swindon, Adrian Blenkinsop (2009)
"Scripture engagement must allow the young person to ‘discover’ the message for themselves (as opposed to ‘being told’). They need to discover the relevance and value of God’s story for their lives, and our role is to be a guide,…
October 17, 2010

Bible Engagement Among Australian Young People

Philip Hughes, Claire Pickering (2010)
"In Australia, frequent Bible reading is the practice of a small group (between 3% and 5%) of young people. This is predominantly a sub-group of those who are involved in Evangelical and Pentecostal churches and youth groups, and those who…
August 16, 2010
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E100 Challenge – Bible reading program

Develop a daily Bible reading habit
"The program works because it is a personal challenge designed to develop a daily Bible reading habit, it can be done in community as a small group or as a whole church, it is achievable and it is flexible." The…
February 2, 2009