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African Women Devotional Bible

Increase Bible Engagement in Africa and Beyond
The African Women Devotional Bible (AWDB) is a collaborative project of the Bible Societies in Africa who have come together to develop a Devotional Bible by African Women. It is a Scripture resource addressing circumstances and questions African Christian Women…
September 10, 2021
Bible Reading

Bible Reading Plan Generator

John Dyer
The Bible Reading Plan Generator is a tool to help you build a customised Bible reading plan. The following options are provided: Choose the start date and the number of days, e.g. a whole year, six months, 100 days, etc.…
January 4, 2021
Bible Reading

Bible Reading Plan for Scripture Engagement

30 days of readings for Scripture Engagement
Scripture engagement is about meeting God. It is a relational process. When you come to Scriptures, are you meditating on them, letting them be on your heart, talking about them, letting them be planted in your life, looking at them…
March 1, 2014
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Community Bible Experience

Reading Big, Reading in Context, Reading Together
Nothing is more important to church vitality—and personal spiritual growth—than a deep, sustained connection with the Bible. Community Bible Experience combines three different approaches to reading the Bible: 1. Reading Big — Participants read the entire New Testament (or large…
November 26, 2013
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theStory – from Scripture Union Canada

A Bible reading guide reflecting a Canadian perspective
theStory is a free online chronological Bible reading guide that emphasizes the biblical narrative. It employs the Scripture Union Canada threefold Bible study methodology called the 3R’s: reading (Scripture text), reflection (commentary on the text), and response (prayer birthed from…
May 24, 2013
Bible Reading

More Precious than Gold

Read the Bible in one or two years
Robert Murray McCheyne (2008)
God reveals himself to us in Scripture. As we read the Bible daily, he gradually works on our thinking, our will and our emotions so we can love him 'with all our mind, our strength, our soul, our heart'. The…
September 29, 2009
Bible Reading

E100 Challenge – Bible reading program

Develop a daily Bible reading habit
"The program works because it is a personal challenge designed to develop a daily Bible reading habit, it can be done in community as a small group or as a whole church, it is achievable and it is flexible." The…
February 2, 2009