Bible Reading Plan Generator
Author: John Dyer

The Bible Reading Plan Generator is a tool to help you build a customised Bible reading plan. The following options are provided:

  • Choose the start date and the number of days, e.g. a whole year, six months, 100 days, etc.
  • View the plan as a calendar, as a list, by week and by Bible book.
  • Select which days of the week, e.g. every day, Monday to Friday, etc.
  • Old and/or New Testament, and/or Deuterocanonical books
  • Select specific books of the Bible
  • Psalm and/or Proverb every day
  • McCheyne reading plan
  • Read in chronological order

The plans can be generated in a number of languages: Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), English, French, German, Hindi, Spanish and Swedish.

John Dyer presents examples of the kinds of plans you can create in this blog post.

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