Burkina Faso - Scripture Engagement


Impact Assessment Report

Results of a study, surveying nearly 5,500 people in Burkina Faso and Cameroon
Béatrice Konfe-Tiendrebeogo (ANTBA, Burkina Faso), Julious Ngum Kimbung (CABTAL, Cameroon), Martin Engeler (OneBook, Canada) (2014)
This study was undertaken by a small team of Africans and Canadians to measure the impacts of translated Scriptures, literacy and Scripture engagement programs on marginalized minority language communities, to discern whether certain hypotheses are true and to better understand…
May 12, 2016
Language Issues

Mother Tongue Use in Multilingual Churches

A review of ‘Managing linguistic diversity in the church’
Katherine O'Donnell (2011)
Reflections on a research paper by Anicka Fast, relevant for those working on Bible translation in multilingual church contexts: Fast, Anicka 2009. Managing linguistic diversity in the church: language ideological contestation within a shared moral framework in south-western Burkina Faso.…
December 28, 2011