Democratic Republic of Congo - Scripture Engagement


Transformational Scripture Engagement among the Budu of Congo-Kinshasa

Bettina Gottschlich (2012)
Abstract: This dissertation contributes to the missiological conversation on transformational Scripture engagement. Translation into the mother–tongue and good distribution by themselves are insufficient to enable multi–lingual Budu believers of Congo–Kinshasa translate the Bible into action and changed lives. Literature surveyed…
August 6, 2019
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Interagir avec la Parole de Dieu pour la Vie

Construire des ponts à travers l’interaction avec la Bible et le discipolat
Bettina Gottschlich-Modibale (2017)
"Bible translation and Scripture engagement play a role in liberating a people to understand their value, role, and destiny according to the Word of God and to embrace it to glorify God, to transform nations and make disciples." In this…
December 20, 2017
Trauma Healing

Hope Rising: Stories of Trauma and Healing

Hope Rising documents transformed lives of trauma survivors who have found hope and healing through the Bible’s message of forgiveness and restoration. "...people here and around the world suffering from the aftermath of trauma could never connect with the Bible…
January 2, 2015
Strategic Planning

Towards the dedication

'Vers la dédicace' planning and discussions in DRC
Bettina Gottschlich (2009)
The dedication of the New Testament should be a wonderful celebration, but it should also be much more than that. It is about a change of mind, heart and life, individually as well as corporately. This article describes ongoing language…
April 14, 2009
Trauma Healing

Trauma Healing in DRC – video

The teaching materials for the Trauma Healing workshops can be distributed, but to speak to the heart the Scriptures used in workshops should be translated into the languages of the participants. More than 5.4 million people have been killed in…
January 20, 2009