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Bible Storying for Church Planting

Daniel Sanchez, J. O. Terry, LaNette Thompson (2008)
Adaptability on the part of the Bible storyer is absolutely essential if such efforts are to result in church starting. This adaptability must address the presentation of the stories, the number of stories that are utilized, the story sets that…
October 16, 2009
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Basic Bible Storying

Preparing and presenting Bible stories for evangelism, discipleship, training and ministry
J. O. Terry (2009)
Bible Storying is the intentional and uninterrupted sharing of God's Word primarily as stories. These stories are usually supplemented with culturally appropriate learning exercises that are listener sensitive. The stories may be told as part of a strategy of telling…
October 16, 2009
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God and Woman

A Chronological Bible Storying Model For Storying the Good News To a Primarily Oral Culture Muslim Women’s Worldview
J. O. Terry (1998)
...where the men focused upon the action in the story and in the broad strokes of doctrinal truth, the women focused upon relationships, feelings and emotions of the story characters as related to themselves, and family structure. There was a…
August 31, 2009