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Postgraduate Certificate focused on Scripture Engagement

Moorlands College, United Kingdom
The School of Language and Scripture (SLS) is a collaboration between Moorlands College and Wycliffe Bible Translators, training people to work with marginalised communities, to see lives transformed through a relationship with God and his life-changing Word. At the heart…
July 10, 2020


Shining a light on the state of faith in England and Wales today
"Have we overestimated the hostility towards faith in our nation and underestimated the Bible as a tool for mission? Find out what people in England and Wales really think about faith and the Bible." Lumino, an initiative of the Bible…
November 7, 2019
ResearchYoung People

The Bible Reading of Young Evangelicals

An Exploration of the Ordinary Hermeneutics and Faith of Generation Y
Ruth Perrin (2016)
From the book’s description: "Young evangelicals in Britain often find themselves at odds with an increasingly secular society, and yet the tradition persists and in some places flourishes. Sociological studies into the faith of this demographic group are rare, yet…
October 6, 2017
Bible ReadingBible Study

Bible Book Club

Helping you read the Bible with your friends – one book at a time
Bible Book Club, from the British and Foreign Bible Society, provides ideas and resources for running a book club with friends, where you read through books of the Bible together. A guide for each book for the Bible is available…
February 3, 2017
Bible StorytellingChildren

Open the Book

Bible Storytelling in Primary Schools
"Today, so many children could miss out on the great classic stories from the Bible – Noah, Daniel and the life of Jesus could be closed chapters if youngsters don’t get an opportunity to engage with the Bible." Open the…
October 27, 2016

Pass It On – Bible Society Research 2014

Report into Scripture reading habits of parents and children
In 2014, Bible Society in the UK launched Pass It On, a campaign to encourage parents to read, watch or listen to a Bible story with their child. An accompanying Research Report is available for download. Among the findings are:…
February 10, 2014


Encouraging Christians in the UK to engage with the Bible
BibleFresh was a joint initiative which aimed to encourage and inspire churches across the UK to make the most of the year 2011, empowering Christians to a deeper level of engagement with the Bible. The initiative brought together nearly a…
February 10, 2010
Meditation and PrayerResearch

The Psalms and Spirituality

A study of meditative engagement with selected psalms amongst Edinburgh students
Fergus Macdonald (2008)
"...the creative engagement between respondents and text results from respondents discovering that the psalms resonate with their idealism and basic human needs in ways that facilitate their ongoing spiritual quest for meaning and enlightenment, as well as providing an opportunity…
February 13, 2009

The Bible in Transmission

The Bible in Transmission is a free theological journal featuring articles written by Bible Society staff and guest contributors from a wide range of academic, church and professional backgrounds. Each edition follows a specific theme, relating the Bible to twenty-first…
November 18, 2008