How to do Recording on your Computer

A Beginner's Guide to Audacity (Third Edition)
Richard Margetts (2012)
Updated for Audacity 2.0 (July 2012). Are you looking to record audio Scripture, radio programmes, Scripture-based songs, Bible study discussions or publicity for Scripture products? One of the most popular programs for recording audio on your computer is Audacity. It…
July 31, 2012
AudioMarketing and Distribution

Audio Players in Use

9 ideas for using digital audio players in Scripture Engagement
Richard Margetts (2011)
"We know that just because someone has a printed Bible doesn’t mean they will use it. After the novelty has worn off, how can we encourage people to go on listening and engaging with God’s Word with their audio player?"…
January 18, 2011

Hear, see, and share the Word of God
The app and website, from Faith Comes By Hearing, allow you to hear, see and share God's Word in languages from around the world. Hear - Listen to God’s Word in high-quality, dramatized audio. Download your favorite version for…
December 18, 2010

Papyrus Audio Bible

Solar-powered audio player from Renew World Outreach
The Papyrus is an attractively designed and solidly built multi-purpose player from Renew World Outreach. Its sound quality and volume are excellent for its size. It is easy to add content using the USB cable or via microSD card. The…
March 13, 2010

Advice for Scripture and Drama Recording

A guide for narrators and actors
Mark Datson (2005)
"Make a big effort to understand the full meaning of the text... Try to put yourself in the shoes of your character. Think of their character, their temperament, their behaviour. What do they like? What don’t they like?" This is…
December 7, 2009