Is Hearing Enough?

Literacy and the Great Commandments
Don Edwards (2010)
"Social activity is our responsibility in the discipling process. Once a person has responded to the love of Christ, we are to help them grow up in their faith. Setting them free from the chains of sin and yet not…
February 7, 2012
Bible StorytellingOrality

Truth That Sticks

How to Communicate Velcro Truth in a Teflon World
Avery T Willis Jr, Mark Snowden (2010)
"It thrills me to use Bible stories because I am actually telling people the Bible. I don't tell them some scholar's viewpoint or describe an ivory-tower argument. I let the Bible speak directly to them instead of depending on others'…
February 27, 2011

Dependence on Literacy Strategy

Taking a Hard Second Look
Herbert Klem (1995)
It is possible that the literacy based approach as applied in non-reading communities reaches best those who most want to escape from the traditional culture into the modern world of wealth and technology, but it may not be successful in…
August 17, 2009

We can’t read the Bible!

Richard Margetts
Help! Hardly anyone can read the translated Scriptures. What can we do? This is a one-page poster or course handout. It reminds us that if a lack of literacy skills is cited as a barrier to Scripture use, then the…
June 12, 2009
Bible StorytellingOrality

Relational Bible Storying and Scripture Use

Making the Story Meaningful
Jack Colgate (2008)
Thankfully, many resources and materials for Bible storying are now available. As I began to review and use these resources, however, it seemed that the relational context of Bible storying was too seldom addressed. Even in my own ministry, when…
April 1, 2009