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Colocando a Bíblia em Ação

Como tornar a Bíblia relevante para todas as línguas e culturas
Harriet Hill, Margaret Hill (2010)
This is the Brazilian Portuguese version of the book Translating the Bible into Action by Harriet Hill and Margaret Hill. A tried and tested resource that encourages meaningful Bible use in multi-lingual contexts through both written and oral media. Includes…
August 24, 2010
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The One Minute Bible Study

Especially for men who need to rediscover their love of God's word
Archie Poulos (2001)
Our experience with this approach has been uniformly positive. Men who had neglected their Bibles for years found that this was an achievable goal, and rekindled not only the passion of Bible reading (some never lost it), but also the…
July 21, 2009
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Literacy for Life – Teacher’s Guide

Injecting a good dose of the Bible into your literacy programme
Richard Margetts (2006)
Literacy for Life is all about injecting a good dose of the Bible into a traditional literacy programme... You will need the beginner’s literacy primer. This is the book that is used to teach the letters of the alphabet and…
June 8, 2009
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The Swedish Method

A method for studying the Bible
Peter Blowes
The philosophy behind this style of Bible reading is to promote good observation of the text, group participation and self-guided discovery. Each person has the opportunity to discover for themselves what God says. In principle, no-one answers the questions unless…
March 30, 2009
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Literacy for Life: a Tool for the Church?

A church-based literacy program for Ghana
Pat Herbert (2006)
The pastor will find that not only can his congregation read the Scriptures in their own language, but they will show a greater depth of understanding God’s Word and show growth in their Christian lives. Community literacy projects have been…
February 14, 2009
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Bible Courses for Women

Hanni Gruenig (2003)
How can we start women reading their Bibles when they have never done it before? Many women in Africa do not realize that the Bible has answers to their daily life questions. Hanni Gruenig describes how she used a course…
February 12, 2009
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Effective Bible Study Method

Dick Hohulin
A Bible study method which minimizes the spoon-fed approach and encourages the individual to learn for himself. Dick Hohulin describes a devotional Bible study method which was used to great effect in the Philippines. It is simple and enables the…
January 26, 2009