Audio-Based Translation
Communicating Biblical Scriptures to Non-Literate People
Author: Julian Sundersingh
Publisher: SAIACS Press and United Bible Societies (2018)

“The besic thesis of my study then is that an audio Scripture program which seeks to be effective in communicating the Word of God has to be faithful to the Scriptures, relevant to the audience and appropriate to the medium used.”

Scripture translations prepared for an audio presentation will need to be not only meaning-based but also media-based.

In communicating biblical scriptures to non-literate people, creative approaches are needed since print media are beyond their reach. Employing a multi-disciplinary approach, including the contemporary media scene, communication theory, linguistic studies, translation issues, and theological perspectives, this study uses rural Tamil Nadu as a basis for examining the use of audio-media for communicating the Bible to people who cannot read.

This study is a revised version of the author’s PhD dissertation for Fuller Theological Seminary, California.

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