Thesis/Dissertation - Scripture Engagement


Scripture Engagement Research Compendium (SERC)

Coordinator: Jed Carter The Scripture Engagement Research Compendium (SERC) provides brief, comparable descriptions of SE research projects conducted in minority languages around the world. It is a helpful starting point for those desiring to learn from SE research and for…
January 17, 2020

Developing SE Research: Building on the Methodology of SURAM

John Walter Carter (2019)
Thesis for Master of Arts with major in Language and Culture Studies, Dallas International University. Abstract: The Scripture Use Research and Ministry (SURAM) project evaluated vernacular Scripture use (VSU) in Papua New Guinea (PNG), also assessing the levels of 16…
January 5, 2020
AudioBible TranslationResearch

Audio-Based Translation

Communicating Biblical Scriptures to Non-Literate People
Julian Sundersingh (2018)
"The besic thesis of my study then is that an audio Scripture program which seeks to be effective in communicating the Word of God has to be faithful to the Scriptures, relevant to the audience and appropriate to the medium…
October 7, 2019

Transformational Scripture Engagement among the Budu of Congo-Kinshasa

Bettina Gottschlich (2012)
Abstract: This dissertation contributes to the missiological conversation on transformational Scripture engagement. Translation into the mother–tongue and good distribution by themselves are insufficient to enable multi–lingual Budu believers of Congo–Kinshasa translate the Bible into action and changed lives. Literature surveyed…
August 6, 2019
Language IssuesResearch

Promoting the Use of the Scriptures in Nso’

A Strategy for Promoting the Use of the Vernacular Scriptures in the Cameroon Baptist Convention Churches in Nso’ Tribe, Cameroon
Shey Samuel Ngeh (2015)
MTh thesis, South African Theological Seminary. Abstract: This research was prompted by the observation that there is minimal use of Lamnso’ Scriptures in Baptist churches in Nso’, even though the Lamnso’ New Testament has been available since 1990. It was…
November 16, 2015
Language IssuesResearch

The Impact of Vernacular Scriptures

Assessing the benefit of local language Scriptures among the bilingual Malila and Nyiha communities of Tanzania
Mark Woodward (2014)
MA dissertation: Bible & Mission, Redcliffe College, UK. Abstract: In many ways the Malila and Nyiha are typical of Tanzania's numerous multilingual communities, where both Swahili and the local language are used as part of everyday life. Given that there…
July 17, 2015
ResearchUnderstanding Scripture

From Scripture Access to Scripture Engagement

What facilitates and hinders Scripture engagement in the Minyanka churches of Mali?
Richard Margetts (2013)
MA dissertation: All Nations, UK. Abstract: The coming of the New Testament in 2006 heralded a new era of Scripture engagement for the Minyanka people of Mali. This paper evaluates the factors that have facilitated and hindered the process of…
November 16, 2014