Bible App for Kids

YouVersion and OneHope have teamed together to develop The Bible App for Kids, “designed specifically to engage children with stories from the Bible”. It’s available for free download for Android and iOS mobile devices.

The app comes with interactive Bible stories, such as:

  • In the Beginning (Creation of the world)
  • The First Sin (The fall)
  • The First Christmas Gift (Jesus is born)
  • Through the Roof (Jesus heals a paralyzed man)
  • It is Finished! (The cross)
  • A Happy Sunday (The empty tomb)

Each story has seven or eight colorful pictures with text, narration and background music. Touching different items on a picture makes them come to life, such as letting the paralyzed man down from the roof or seeing him get up and leap for joy. There is treasure to collect and questions to answer along the way.

See also: Resources for Parents and Churches, which includes videos, a story book, a teaching curriculum and coloring sheets.

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