The Mark Drama

The Mark Drama
An innovative way of experiencing the Gospel of Mark and communicating it to others

“You can present every incident of Mark’s Gospel vividly and powerfully to a group of invited guests, with a team of 15 actors from your church or Christian Union. It is an amazing experience for Christians, reminding them of the work of Jesus, and it’s also great for anyone investigating the Christian faith.”

Churches and university Christian Unions in the UK, Germany, and other European countries are presenting the Gospel of Mark in a 90-minute drama, The Mark Drama. It takes a group of 15 actors (members of the church or CU) who learn the order of the events in Mark’s Gospel over a six-week period before the rehearsals and live performance.

The drama is presented as theatre-in-the-round with the action taking place in the middle of the audience (who become like the crowds watching and listening to the words of Jesus). There are no props, costumes, lighting, amplification or sound effects, and no professional actors.

Those who are taking part, both the actors and the crowd, are speaking of the powerful impression the words of Jesus make on them when learned and presented in this way.

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