Bible Translation Strategy

Bible Translation Strategy
An Analysis of Its Spiritual Impact
Author: T. Wayne Dye
Publisher: Wycliffe Bible Translators (1985)

People respond to the Gospel in proportion to their conviction that God and his Word are relevant to the concerns of daily life. This will be called the principle of “personal relevance”. A translator or local believer can bring this conviction by frequently applying the Good News in every-day encounters. (p.39)

Good News Encounters should… remain a part of every translator’s life style. In fact they need to be a part of the life of every Christian. Translators need to be a part of the local church, and to share the life of Christ just as others in the church do. Where the church is large, however, Good News Encounters are no longer solikely to be the crucial element in a translator’s ministry. In most minority groups the local church (or churches) is the important agency, so a translator’s principal impact comes as hestrengthens that church through his translation. (p.275)

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