Website and app for Bible reading and engagement

BibleBooster is an initiative by Bible Societies for Bible Societies. It provides a website and a mobile app which focus on optimising the experience of online Bible reading and supporting Bible engagement. It can serve the needs of those with little or no experience in Bible reading, as well as people with deep knowledge of Scripture.

“The digital landscape is changing very quickly, and so are user expectations. It can be a struggle for a single Bible Society to keep pace with it all. There are so many questions to consider, on number of levels… It can be overwhelming for one Bible Society to handle this all alone. The good news is: you don’t need to anymore! BibleBooster offers you products and services to help you to develop and implement your digital strategy.”

The BibleBooster digital platform enables Bible Societies to combine Bible text with their own content, providing a strong, customisable digital presence. Its features and solutions can be implemented by Bible Societies of all sizes. Premium accounts, which require users to pay for content, can provide Bible Societies with income.

Examples of websites built with BibleBooster include:

Owned by the Bible Societies of Brazil, Germany and Netherlands-Flanders, BibleBooster started life as “Integrated Bible Engagement Platform” (IBEP), merging the BibliaPlus app developed by the Bible Society of Brazil and the Bible Engagement Website developed by Netherlands Bible Society. As different Bible Societies started using the platform it became clear that it would become a long-term programme rather than a one-off project. And so BibleBooster was born.

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