Essential Audio Recording Scripts

Essential Audio Recording Scripts
Tools to simplify the process of Audio Bible Recordings

The Essential Audio Recording Scripts (EARS) from SIL International Media Services are a series of documents that have been developed to assist the recording specialist with the task of recording entire books of the Bible.

EARS documents are available for most books of the Old and New Testaments. Each one provides a template into which the vernacular language can be placed in order to create a script to be used by the recordist. It also provides essential information needed for selecting speakers and coordinating their schedules.

Included is:

  • A summary sheet for the audio recording project information
  • A chart listing time requirements for the overall project and the individual roles
  • A note to the recordist and the language team concerning the use of non readers
  • A chart for participant contact information
  • A talent release form
  • Check off charts for recorded clips – for each part
  • A check off chart for instructional clips
  • A chart for a post-recording “listening session”
  • A list of post-production elements to be discussed
  • Placement recommendations for assembly of recorded clips

The scripts are prepared in detail. For example, the document for the Gospel of John is 114 pages long. All are available as free downloads.

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