La Traduction de la Bible et l’Eglise
Enjeux et défis pour l'Afrique francophone
Author: Michel Kenmogne
Publisher: Editions CLE, Yaoundé / Wycliffe International, Nairobi (2009)

This book – ‘Bible Translation and the Church: Issues and challenges for Francophone Africa’ – was written as part of the Francophone Initiative in collaboration with CITAF (Conseil des Institutions Théologiques d’Afrique Francophone) – a consortium of evangelical theological institutions in Africa.

The aim is to introduce into the programme of every theological college a course on the importance of Bible translation and the role of local languages in the mission of the church.

The chapters are divided into five main sections:

  1. Pourquoi traduire la Bible dans les langues locales? (Why translate the Bible into local languages?)
  2. L’histoire de la traduction de la Bible depuis Néhémie jusqu’à nos jours (The history of Bible translation from Nehemiah to today)
  3. Théologie et traduction de la Bible (Theology and Bible translation)
  4. Traduction de la Bible: contexte, structures et méthodes (Bible translation: context, structures and methods)
  5. Bible et héritage colonial francophone (The Bible and the colonial heritage)

The author, Michel Kenmogne, was director of CABTAL in Cameroon and is now Executive Director of SIL International. The book was written in collaboration with Stephen Coerze (Wycliffe Bible Translators), Kathie Watters (SIL) and Lynell Zogbo (United Bible Societies).

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