Connecting God, life and us

Lyfe is perfect for all small groups, from home groups and Bible study groups to those that meet in pubs or cafés.

Lyfe groups spend time reading and reflecting on Bible passages, and then select a relevant ’challenge’ to experience throughout the week. In doing so, the group goes on a journey and together, they discover a deeper life with God. The small group sessions are based around six key themes:

  1. Still lyfe (Prayer)
  2. Spirit lyfe (Holy Spirit)
  3. Word lyfe (Scripture)
  4. Real lyfe (Authenticity)
  5. Just lyfe (Compassion)
  6. Whole lyfe (Everyday life)

The sessions are easy to lead and highly relational. They’re suitable for groups of mature Christians as well as those new to the Christian faith.

Each session includes video interviews and invites reflection on a passage from the Bible.

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