Scripture Application & Leadership Training

The goal of all we do is to see the Scriptures being used effectively and lives being changed; and our aim is to show the relevance of the Scriptures in all aspects of life.

“S.A.L.T. makes people thirsty for the Word of God!”

S.A.L.T. is a “Scripture Use” program that (1) equips national pastors and leaders to effectively use the translated Scriptures in their ministries; and (2) inspires a love, wonder and understanding of God’s Word in the vernacular.

An intensive two-week Bible course is conducted on location in the village. Fundamental topics on God, sin, salvation, and the Christian life are included in each course. Additional topics on society, worldview, and leadership are also included, often in workshop style. Lots of discussion, small group interaction, dramas, and storytelling techniques are utilized, especially when working in predominantly oral cultures. Outreach is encouraged following the training to give immediacy to the learning and to give participants opportunities to share within their own culture. Emphasis throughout the course is always on the application of truth as participants deepen their relationship with God.

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