Swallowed in his love

Swallowed in his love
How the mother-tongue Scriptures shed light on an age-old rite of passage among the Tharaka people of Kenya
Author: Monica Finifrock, Albert Kathenya (2006)

The impact is great since the truth they learn from the Tharaka New Testament sets them free. The truth is being revealed even to women who were the main victims of the myth of Kirimo. It is obvious that the New Testament has made a great change among the people. People are able to read for themselves the passages that speak against lies and are able to get the message straight.

The initiation rite for boys among the Tharaka of Kenya includes “swallowing,” which involves submitting to a spirit. This article shows how church leaders are standing up against this rite. Scriptures useful in countering harmful ritual practices that contradict Jesus Christ are listed, and the role mother-tongue Scriptures play is emphasized.

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