Tharaka - Scripture Engagement


Swallowed in his love

How the mother-tongue Scriptures shed light on an age-old rite of passage among the Tharaka people of Kenya
Monica Finifrock, Albert Kathenya (2006)
The impact is great since the truth they learn from the Tharaka New Testament sets them free. The truth is being revealed even to women who were the main victims of the myth of Kirimo. It is obvious that the…
May 29, 2009

Tharaka Female Circumcision

A Case Study in the Role of the Translation Organization
John L Ommani (2000)
When the Bible remains silent about certain cultural features, the Church... should assist the Christians to think through their traditions by digging deeper. In the Tharaka society of Kenya, female circumcision has held a prominent place. In recent years Christian…
January 14, 2009