The Traveler
An Unforeseen Journey
Publisher: GemStone Media

Years after leaving home in disgrace, a man returns to fulfill a family obligation but discovers he must face the shame that drove him away. Torn between escaping his past or serving his family, he makes a life-changing decision. Original language: Yazgulomi (subtitled in English) After 15 years Khosabek returns to his childhood home, fulfilling his family obligation to care for his aging parents. Reminded of the shames from his past, he must win the heart of his father and overcome his own inner struggles to find the right path for his future.

A 54-minute culturally rich, dramatic family story, The Traveler is acted enirely by the local Yazgulomi residents who live in the rugged and beautiful Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan. The first film ever made in the Yazgulomi language, this touching story is based on the 8 principles of the Beatitudes found in Matthew 5. An inpsiring story that gives hope to overcome lifes challenges as it encourages the heart to forgive hardships of the past and embrace new possibilities for the future.

Available in several languages, including Bahasa Indonesia, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Farsi, German, Russian, Spanish and Tajik.

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