Faith Comes By Hearing Gospel Films
LUMO films with New Testament recordings
Publisher: Faith Comes By Hearing

Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH), in partnership with the LUMO Project, is producing Gospel Films with the full text of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. By 2033, they aim to “produce at least one Gospel Film in every language that needs it, so that people worldwide can hear and see God’s Word.”

For the first time, the complete unabridged text of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John have been faithfully brought to life in visual form by the LUMO Project. By combining their compelling cinematic portrayal of the life of Jesus with our word-for-word audio Scriptures in the languages of the world, Gospel Films are revolutionizing the way we experience the Bible.


FCBH has recorded New Testaments in over a thousand languages. They can fit the audio track for a gospel to the video of the film. Since the audio recordings differ in length from language to language, FCBH inserts additional video footage where required in order to fit the existing recordings to the film.

The resulting films are being watched by people gathered in groups, followed by time for discussion, in a similar way to Bible listening groups.

For more information, please contact Faith Comes By Hearing.

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