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Film and Video

Faith Comes By Hearing Gospel Films

LUMO films with New Testament recordings
Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH), in partnership with the LUMO Project, is producing Gospel Films with the full text of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. By 2033, they aim to "produce at least one Gospel Film in every language that…
September 23, 2020

Global Bible Apps

The Global Bible App initiative makes the Word of God available to the worldwide community of Android smartphone users. The major focus is on people who are not connected to the internet. Global Bible Apps are designed and built by…
July 2, 2020

Which Audio Player?

Listening to the translated Scriptures: a review of today’s digital audio players
Richard Margetts (2019)
Fourth Edition - Revised for 2019 It is not hard to convince those involved in Scripture access and Scripture engagement of the value of listening to audio Scriptures. We want to assist communities in making strategic choices about how best…
November 5, 2019

Proclaimer Audio Bible

Solar-powered audio players from Faith Comes By Hearing
The Proclaimer is designed for use in Faith Comes By Hearing listening groups. In most cases, its fixed content will be the whole New Testament in up to four different languages. There are three sizes of Proclaimer: Large, Mid-Size and…
October 23, 2019


Producing scripts for dramatized audio recordings of Scripture
"This software is reducing the amount of time it takes for us to script a language from 4 days down to 4 hours – all the while increasing accuracy for recording teams worldwide." - Jonathan Huguenin, Faith Comes by Hearing…
September 27, 2019


Hear, see, and share the Word of God
The Bible.is app and website, from Faith Comes By Hearing, allow you to hear, see and share God's Word in languages from around the world. Hear - Listen to God’s Word in high-quality, dramatized audio. Download your favorite version for…
December 18, 2010