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Bible Overview Workshop

An interactive journey through the Old Testament
Jennifer Wright (2014)
In this detailed 17-page workshop guide from the Ndop region of North West Cameroon, Jennifer Wright describes how participants were taken on an interactive journey through the Old Testament: What? The Bible Overview Workshop is a two day workshop for…
August 27, 2014

Audibible Discipleship in Tongwa, Zambia

This video from Zambia shows how a digital audio player, the solar-powered Audibible, can be used to facilitate Scripture engagement in group settings. Here are some of the points made by the group leader: Hearing God's Word is more important…
November 8, 2013
Language IssuesResearch

Contextualised Language Choice in the Church in Kenya

John Ommani Luchivia (2012)
Fuller Graduate Schools, School of Intercultural Studies Doctor of Intercultural Studies dissertation Abstract: This dissertation explores the missiological opportunities, challenges and implications of growing multilingualism among people who are fluent in two or more languages. I look at the cognitive…
August 7, 2013

Théologie et Vie Chrétienne en Afrique

Theology and Christian Life in Africa
Rubin Pohor, Michel Kenmogne (eds.) (2012)
Théologie et Vie Chrétienne en Afrique contains the fruit of the Francophone Initiative consultation held in Cotonou, Benin, in August 2011. The papers presented seek to bring together theological reflection, Bible translation and the mission of the church in Africa.…
August 2, 2013
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Early engagements with the Bible among the Gogo people of Tanzania

Historical and hermeneutical study of ordinary "readers" transactions with the Bible.
Mote Paulo Magomba (2004)
Abstract: This study falls within the area of the Bible in African Christianity, particularly ordinary readers' appropriation of and interpretation of the Bible. It seeks to explore, firstly, the processes of the encounter between the Bible and the indigenous people…
June 12, 2013
Bible TranslationResearch

Bible Translation in Christian Mission

A case study of the spiritual and socio-cultural impact of the Bible translation strategy of the Ghana Institute of Linguistics, Literacy and Bible Translation on the Dega people of Ghana
Thomas Atta-Akosah (2004)
Abstract: After participants had been told of the processes of Bible translation during a prayer partners meeting of Ghana Institute of Linguistics, Literacy and Bible Translation (GILLBT), one of them asked, "After the people have been given the Scriptures, what…
June 10, 2013

Patronage and Usage of the Mother-Tongue Bibles in Kumasi, Ghana

Prime Journal of Social Science, Vol. 1, Issue 7, 121-129 (2012)
Jonathan E. T. Kuwornu-Adjaottor (2012)
Abstract: "The need for the translation of the Scriptures into the vernacular to enable people read the Bible in their mother-tongues started in the third century BC in the ancient city of Alexandria in Egypt. Since the first mother-tongue translation…
April 15, 2013

Are Vernacular Scriptures Being Used? Kabiye Research Results

The Bible Translator - Vol 63, No 2 (April 2012)
Harriet Hill (2012)
"Much effort and funding is invested every year by many organizations to provide vernacular Scriptures to minority peoples. Are these Scriptures being used? What factors affect their use? We have anecdotes and rumors, but very little real research. "Over the…
April 10, 2013
Language Issues

Mother Tongue Use in Multilingual Churches

A review of ‘Managing linguistic diversity in the church’
Katherine O'Donnell (2011)
Reflections on a research paper by Anicka Fast, relevant for those working on Bible translation in multilingual church contexts: Fast, Anicka 2009. Managing linguistic diversity in the church: language ideological contestation within a shared moral framework in south-western Burkina Faso.…
December 28, 2011