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Understanding ScriptureVisual Arts was founded by Dr. Todd Bolen in 2001 to provide photographic resources for the study and teaching of the biblical world. Todd lived and taught at the Israel Bible Extension near Jerusalem for many years. More than 40 other…
October 5, 2018
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Comics for Scripture Engagement

Comic Bible Society
Art Ayris, President, Comic Bible Society (2018)
The most popular global reading format is comics. In almost every area of the world, sequential art is an effective inroad into Scripture engagement and bridge to Scripture explanation and reading. Super Bible.TV hosts the most complete graphic adaptation of…
April 9, 2018
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Open Bible Stories

Open Bible Stories from unfoldingWord is a set of 50 key stories of the Bible, from Creation to Revelation, for evangelism and discipleship, provided freely for translation and multi-media sharing in any language. The stories are available under an open…
October 7, 2017
Film and VideoVisual Arts

Bible Story Scripture Video Templates

Illustrations and Images in Slide Show Format
Telling the stories of the Bible through illustrations, this resource contains everything needed to produce simple Bible story videos. It can be useful during any stage of a Bible translation program, as well as where there is no active translation…
October 5, 2017
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Avoiding Visual Miscommunication

Choosing Illustrations for Translated Scripture
Michelle Petersen (2016)
Choosing to illustrate interesting events in the text may help build audience interest in the story of Scripture, and this interest may be more foundational to audiences’ relationship with God than knowledge of details about what objects and places looked…
March 8, 2016
Film and VideoVisual Arts

Bible Story Media Tools

A Media Tool for Translation and Beyond
Margaret Doll, Julie Limmer (2011)
"Not everybody can wait! Written translation often takes years. What if we could have Bible stories in video form in weeks? What if you had a tool to engage people in the Bible translation process while broadening access to the…
June 6, 2013