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Bible Story Media Tools

A Media Tool for Translation and Beyond
Margaret Doll, Julie Limmer (2011)
"Not everybody can wait! Written translation often takes years. What if we could have Bible stories in video form in weeks? What if you had a tool to engage people in the Bible translation process while broadening access to the…
June 6, 2013
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Creating Local Arts Together

A Manual to Help Communities Reach their Kingdom Goals
Brian Schrag (2013)
Brian Schrag’s Creating Local Arts Together manual has both a stirring and exhilarating effect as the reader envisions the possibility of a community’s arts used for the purposes of God’s kingdom and, at the same time, is thorough and informative…
February 25, 2013
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The Illustrated Bible

Illustrated Bible selections and Bible videos
Keith Neely (2012)
"I realised that no translation was worth anything if my children didn't read it on their own because they wanted to. The burning question for me as a parent was how do I get my children into the word of…
September 14, 2012
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Making Scripture Attractive

Betty Green (2010)
"We make posters, bookmarks - laminated and non-laminated, bookmark kits for groups to make their own bookmarks, refrigerator magnets, note pads, stickers..." The Inakeanon People of the Philippines are seeing God’s Word in colorful attractive posters, bookmarks, key chains, greeting…
December 10, 2010
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Foundation Matters – Bible Pictures

"We often see the 'greatest message' presented in the 'poorest way'. This project is all about seeking to present the Bible in the best possible way for children." Over 100 beautifully illustrated Bible picture sets, available in PowerPoint format to…
March 10, 2010
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The Life of Jesus Mafa

A set of African illustrations of the Gospel
Vie de Jesus Mafa (Life of Jesus Mafa) was an initiative undertaken in the 1970s to help teach the gospel in Northern Cameroon. French Catholic missionary François Vidil worked with Mafa Christian communities in Cameroon to create an enormous catalogue…
October 28, 2009
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Scripture Big Books

Promoting Scripture use in difficult environments
Mary Beavon (2001)
“The illustrations captured the imagination of the children.” Mary Beavon describes a Scripture Use activity their team used in an area of Cameroon where churches are small, travel is difficult, and people have little money. They developed Scripture Big Books…
December 5, 2008
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Bible Storying Cloth Scarf

International Mission Board
Originally designed for use in Africa, this storying scarf is now used around the world in ministry to oral learners. Included with the scarf is a Story Guide with scripture references that accompany each of the 42 stories on the…
November 28, 2008