There’s More to Reading than Meets the Eye

Lyndal Webb (2009)
There is more to reading the words on the page than meets the eye. In order for the Bible to be read with comprehension and understanding, resulting in an appropriate response to God’s communication, the reader must be equipped with…
September 23, 2009

Dependence on Literacy Strategy

Taking a Hard Second Look
Herbert Klem (1995)
It is possible that the literacy based approach as applied in non-reading communities reaches best those who most want to escape from the traditional culture into the modern world of wealth and technology, but it may not be successful in…
August 17, 2009

We can’t read the Bible!

Richard Margetts
Help! Hardly anyone can read the translated Scriptures. What can we do? This is a one-page poster or course handout. It reminds us that if a lack of literacy skills is cited as a barrier to Scripture use, then the…
June 12, 2009
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Literacy for Life – Teacher’s Guide

Injecting a good dose of the Bible into your literacy programme
Richard Margetts (2006)
Literacy for Life is all about injecting a good dose of the Bible into a traditional literacy programme... You will need the beginner’s literacy primer. This is the book that is used to teach the letters of the alphabet and…
June 8, 2009
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Literacy for Life: a Tool for the Church?

A church-based literacy program for Ghana
Pat Herbert (2006)
The pastor will find that not only can his congregation read the Scriptures in their own language, but they will show a greater depth of understanding God’s Word and show growth in their Christian lives. Community literacy projects have been…
February 14, 2009

How literacy can harm Scripture Use

Margaret Hill (2003)
Traveling to different countries in Africa, I’ve noticed one important link between Scripture use and literacy, and that is how literacy can harm Scripture use! It is clear that it is right and proper to have an emphasis on teaching…
January 15, 2009

Making Readers Literate

Transition Literacy in Sub-Saharan Africa
Barbara Trudell (1995)
Making readers literate, that is what transition literacy is all about. L1–L2 transition literacy introduces the isolated minority language speaker to a world of information and ideas outside his own culture; L2–L1 literacy restores to the L2 reader his cultural…
January 9, 2009

Literacy & Evangelism International

Literacy & Evangelism International (LEI) has developed Bible-content, adult basic readers in more than 180 languages. These readers are being used to teach Christians how to read the Bible so they can be daily students of God’s Word. LEI helps…
December 7, 2008