How to Enjoy Your Bible Reading

How to Enjoy Your Bible Reading
Author: Daniel Hames

“Skipping breakfast is more of a missed opportunity than a moral slip, and skipping Bible reading is the same. God is not angry when you miss a quiet time, but he wants you to stay spiritually healthy by nourishing yourself with his word.”

Daniel Hames writes this article to encourage us to read the Scriptures. We are presented with three reasons why we might give up on reading the Bible: (1) You don’t have time; (2) You’re reading it wrong; (3) You’re doing it for the wrong person.

The author doesn’t want us to see Bible reading as a burden, but to recognise that the Bible “has been given to us to help us know and love Christ”, that our Father “is generous and loving, and loves to communicate with us” and that “the Spirit has inspired the scriptures so that they bring life, joy, and fullness to the Christian walk.”

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