The Word Among Us
Scripture Engagement in IFES
Author: Sabine Kalthof et al.
Publisher: IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students) (2015)

“How can we make sure that each new generation of students loves, studies, lives and shares God’s Word?”

A team of IFES staff produced a booklet with this purpose in mind. It contains two resources, which can be used independently of each other:

Cultivating a Clear Vision of Scripture Engagement
This resource focuses on “six core aspects of our interaction with God’s Word. Considering these and their importance will help us to be proactive in strengthening Scripture engagement.”

Here are the six aspects:

  • deepening our convictions about the nature and purpose of Scripture
  • cultivating an attitude of love, expectant listening and obedience to God’s Word
  • modelling a lifestyle of Scripture engagement
  • trusting the impact of God’s Word in evangelism
  • nurturing good practices in Scripture engagement
  • addressing the challenges of our world biblically

Reflecting on the Impact of Scripture among Us
This resource invites us “to stop and reflect. It provides questions which are designed to spark conversations that can inspire and enrich us. The aim is both to celebrate and renew the impact of Scripture among us.”

You can download the booklet from the IFES Scripture Engagement website.

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