inScript Bible Browser

inScript Bible Browser
Bible Study Tool from Digital Bible Society

inScript is a Bible-study tool created by the Digital Bible Society for both online and offline use. The software is open-source, browser-based, multi-lingual, and free-to-use. It requires no installation and supports a wide variety of web-browsers and media platforms: thumb drives, DVDs, microSD cards, etc.

[inScript’s] streamlined design promotes clear and simple reading experiences while its superior functionality supports complex search functions, side-by-side translation comparisons, searchable concordances, smart-scrolling Audio Bibles, multimedia links, interactive maps, footnotes, commentaries, original language word studies, and Strongs-Notes. As an open-source Bible-study software, inScript promotes the free and widespread distribution of Bibles and was specifically designed to meet the needs of restricted-access regions.

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