State of the Bible 2022
State of the Bible USA 2022
Publisher: American Bible Society (2022)

In a word, the current State of the Bible is “under-engaged.” Perhaps the Bible has been neglected or simply taken for granted as people dealt with the challenges of reassembling their lives after a disruptive pandemic. A significant number of people say they “never seem to have enough time” to read the Bible. But we also find that attitudes are changing. This year, more people say that America would stay “about the same” if no one read the Bible.

The State of the Bible USA 2022 research report from American Bible Society is now available and can be downloaded as a free eBook.

Chapters already available include:

  • Rumbling with Reality in 2022
  • The Bible in America – 2022 Trends

This news provides a challenge for everyone involved in Bible ministry. There is a great deal of curiosity about the Bible. Will we answer it? Perhaps digital formats will spur greater engagement. Will we create and promote effective resources? Will we be able to communicate the value of the Scriptures to a population that has been disrupted and distracted?

Other content will follow, including:

  • The Faith of Our Mothers
  • Hope and Flourishing in America
  • The Bible and Society
  • Faith Across the Generations
  • Speaking of Faith in America
  • Digging In
  • A Generous Life
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