God and Language
God and Language
Exploring the Role of Language in the Mission of God
Author: Michael Greed and Dawn Kruger (editors)
Publisher: SIL International (2022)

From the book description:

What is language? “Language is more than syntax and morphology; it is the vehicle for assuming the weight of a culture,” writes John Pobee, quoted in Michel Kenmogne’s Foreword to this volume. More than that: language is a theological category, for God speaks. It is the mission of God to make himself known, and he chooses to reveal himself by speaking, by using language. It is because we are made in the image of God that we also speak, that we have the capacity to use language.

“This book,” writes Michel Kenmogne in his Foreword, “aims to establish the value of language as a theological and missiological category.” It is more than a means of communication. It is central to human flourishing and is a key instrument in the mission of God. “What if language is not just a rough instrument in the hands of clumsy people, not just something useful and occasionally poetic, but something that can be divine, sacred, expressive of the very image of God?” writes Chip Sanders in chapter 11.

Most chapters of this book began life as papers presented at SIL’s God and Language Forum in September 2020. The 30 authors explore different aspects of the role of language in the mission of God, including exegesis of key biblical narratives, studies of language in the Bible, examinations of how language relates to some contemporary social and development issues, the role of oral communication, and the translation of language.

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