Using Your Wi-Fi Media Box
28 ideas for digital distribution
Author: Martin Lange (2020)

For years, Missionary Aviation Fellowship’s pilots carried a box on planes containing Bibles and Christian literature. When they landed, these resources would be offered for sale. Eventually, due to the popularity of smartphones and the weight of books, they switched to carrying less printed resources. Instead, a Wi-Fi Media Box was often substituted. It weighed almost nothing and could hold more resources than a physical box.

What exactly is a Wi-Fi Media Box (WMB)? It is a device that creates a Wi-Fi hotspot that acts like the Internet—but isn’t. The hotspot created by the WMB shows up on a user’s device as a Wi-Fi network. Yet the content available is only what the owner of the unit loads into the WMB’s memory. Users cannot connect to the Internet through it.

Wi-Fi Media Boxes can be used in so many ways for digital Scripture distribution. This paper presents an assortment of situations in which they could be used. Static uses, portable uses, content ideas, available hardware options, and software available for sharing content are explained. Every idea will not work in every setting. Choose ones that have potential and give them a try. Be creative and adapt these ideas to even more situations.

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